Safety and Privacy

The design of the Four-Leaf Towers grounds and structures prioritizes both safety and privacy. All common areas are covered by a fire-sprinkler system. Smoke detectors throughout the buildings and a smoke exhaust system enhance the residents’ safety. Most units are fully sprinklered or in the process of being sprinklered. In addition, Four-Leaf Towers receives its electricity supply directly from a substation by means of underground lines, an unusual feature in a city where most residences receive electricity via above-ground lines. For those infrequent occasions when supply is interrupted, Four-Leaf Towers has an emergency-power generation capability that supports critical common-area building systems. Finally, engineering and maintenance staff are on-site 24 hours a day. The entire perimeter of the property is fenced with driveway gates.

In both towers, there are only eight units on each of floors 3 through 15, and only four units on each of floors 16 through 39. Access to the residences via the plaza level is limited to the front lobby, which is staffed by a concierge at all times, and the rear service entrance, which is controlled by a concierge valet, also 24 hours per day. Visitors to the towers must check in with either the concierge or the concierge valet who will contact the resident to confirm that the visitor is expected. Additionally, keys to the residences cannot be duplicated.

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